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Irish Wedding Planner and Celebrant in Portugal?

Hi Guys! Yes that's me! I am Marian and I am an Irish Wedding Celebrant and Planner based in the Algarve in sunny southern Portugal.

After graduating from the University of Limerick in Business and Human Resources, my qualification took me on another path! I worked in Marketing and Events in New York and London. This experience brought me to my real passion in life, Wedding and Event Planning.

9 years ago my husband (2B) and I set up an online Wedding Magazine in Ireland, to help couples plan their dream weddings at home. Then we decided to take the plunge and move our family to sunny Portugal and continue our wedding planning business over here!

For me Wedding Planning is about creating a bespoke, unique and unforgettable day for all my couples. Everyone's story is different and I like to bring out their personalities and passions and fuse them into one amazing wedding day.

Why Portugal?

If you've ever been you'll know all about the lovely people, sensible prices, excellent weather and beautiful countryside. What you might not be aware of is how great the weather often is in the winter months. The summer months are great too, but sometimes just a bit too hot especially for the older folk. The winter may get cool in the evenings but during the day the temperature still calls for shorts and T-shirts. I can highly recommend the winter months for weddings. The weather is normally great, the crowds non-existent and there are many good deals to be had.

Why The Algarve?

Well, the Algarve is just a short name for the best part of Portugal! There are lots of great beaches, venues and something for everyone. Flying to Faro is easy from most parts of Europe and normally sensibly priced. We are also less than three hours from Lisbon, which is great for couples traveling from anywhere in the world.


Well here's the tricky bit. There are so many to choose from. I can point you in the right direction if you tell me what you're looking for and I've worked at most of the places in the Algarve. There are many places I can recommend and a few I would avoid but there really is an amazing choice. Beaches, Vineyards, Quintas (Rustic Farms), Hotels, Villas, Gardens. You name it. Let's talk about it.

What's the theme?

Your pick! I've done Catholic, Hindu, Boho, Civil, Same sex, Sikh, you name it. And I've loved them all! I've got the connections and the experience to go to the right people to get anything you want.

Weddings in Portugal - the legal bit

There are two ways of tying the knot at a Destination Wedding. You can do the legal part at home then have the ceremony abroad. Or you can carry out the entire procedure here in Portugal. I've presided over both arrangements and there are pros and cons to both. We can discuss what would suit you best.

Are destination weddings expensive?

I've no doubt that many destination weddings are expensive but that depends upon many factors the main one being the destination. Portugal is not at all expensive and the south west of Portugal is even more reasonable than other parts. I can show you menus from really good restaurants and I'm sure you would agree with me. Hotel prices vary throughout the year as expected but even in high season are not silly money. For those on a tight budget the Algarve is a great option.

Aren’t wedding planners expensive?

This is often a concern but the straight answer is “No”. Wedding planners use many of the same suppliers on a regular basis and get a sizeable discount when using them, which is passed on to our customers. In addition we get improved service and added flexibility all of which puts us in a better position than a one-off buyer. My promise is full transparency so if you ever wonder about any costings please just ask me.